Morphe Deluxe Makeup Buffer Brush M439 - Professional high quality makeup brush for whole face foundation, contour, bronzer


AFFORDABLE LUXURY: Morphe brushes are a vital staple for everybody, whether they’re a makeup beginner or a professional makeup artist, as they are superior in quality and their affordable price allows you to maintain a complete assortment.

GET FLAWLESS FOUNDATION: This luxurious foundation brush flawlessly buffs out cream and liquid products and creates that perfect canvas you crave; it fits effortlessly into every angle!

PERFECT COVERAGE: The Morphe Deluxe Buffer make-up brush has fine synthetic bristles that pick up creams and powders with minimal fallout. The Morphe Deluxe Buffer brush evenly distributes foundations with flawless coverage and finish

SMOOTH APPLICATION: Made with high quality synthetic bristles, the Morphe Deluxe Makeup Buffer Brush allows light and easy application.

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Morphe brushes uses only the highest quality materials, making our brushes the preferred and intelligent source for discriminating makeup users

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