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Shared by Experts

We all could use a piece of good advice from time to time about products and services we’re interested in, and while it’s always nice to get that advice from the people we know, there is a kind of advice that is better to get from an expert.

People who are considered experts invested thousands of hours in gaining experience and knowledge in their expertise field, so if they have a recommendation, you definitely should listen to them.

Shared by Experts is the leading platform to find honest recommendations by experts around the world.

We use a unique algorithm and technology to find the world’s top experts’ recommendations about products such as books, makeup, technology, music, etc.

Among the experts, you will find entrepreneurs, businessmen, researchers, investors, bloggers, public figures, and many more - all of which changed the world we know today in different ways.

You can find their recommendations about the products and services that inspired them.

We invite you to get inspired by the world’s smartest people, learn from their experience, and the products they use and recommend.